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  • Learn what modes really are and how to use them

  • How to methodically practice fusion phrasing

  • Theory & background of the melodic minor scale

  • How to learn the melodic minor scale super fast

  • How to get the most out of the licks


The Unlimited Licks System

Your essential sequences vocabulary

Every great composer throughout the history knew the math behind the music. Breaking melody down to it's most basic components will give you a few building blocks with which you can build enormous complexity. This is what the Unlimited Licks series is about. It's a unique system that will expand your playing and your options in every way possible, give you tons of new inspiring ideas and a new way of creating sequences and licks.

Develop your own style and never run out of licks again. Get this indispensable program today.


Over 90 pages crammed with sequences and two fast paced instructional videos
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Violin style one string virtuoso sequences

When you start building sequences using basic algorithms and math, you suddenly realize where guys like Bach, Händel and Paganini got a big part of their inspiration from. When you turn numbers into notes you hear sounds from every style of music.

One sequence sounds like something Charlie Parker could have played, another like a bass line from a rock song, but more often than not, you hear classical sounding lines that reminds you of Paganini's work. If you like the neo-classical style of Yngwie Malmsteen, you're going to love the large variety of one string sequences that represent the foundation of this program.

1. Choose from many different lines and practice the ones you like
2. Become a true master of neo-classical sounding sequences.
3. Expand your vocabulary massively
4. Enjoy the simplicity of playing fast, one string licks that sounds amazing

Niccolò Paganini

A left hand training program

You can only improvise with variety to the degree to which your fingers can move in different patterns. And when you improvise, you can really only play something that you've played before. You might put different elements together in a new way, but you won't see your fingers performing movements that you haven't performed during practice.

This program will enable your left hand to do just about anything. It will take your fingers through a simple system that will teach it to play almost any combination of notes. This will also give you the ability to learn new lines very fast - because your fingers are trained to move in a great variety of ways.

1. Use the 15 minute left hand training program every day
2. Develop the ability to learn and play any new line in seconds
3. Know that you've trained your left hand in the most complete way possible
4. Improvise with great variety

The articulation of the human hand is more complex and delicate than that of comparable organs in any other animal.

The core of true improvisation

In this program you learn six very simple and short lines that you then combine in every way to form single- and multi string sequences. These six building blocks are easy to learn but they allow you to create a vast vocabulary of different sounding licks and sequences.

All the intelligence of a computer is based on two basic elements: on and off. From an enormous base of circuits that are either on or off, your computer creates all the colors and shapes on your screen. Something very simple can turn into something very, very complex. But you can easily learn to master this complexity by mastering it's 6 basic building blocks.

1. Learn and master the core of true improvisation
2. Easy stuff: Build something hard by mastering something easy
3. Feel the excitement of opening up such a vast treasury of licks
4. Learn a little, know a lot - 6 exercises gives you hundreds of licks

Simple Fractal
A fractal is a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of which is a reduced-size copy of the whole, a property called self-similarity.

Develop your own style faster

Our style of playing is to a large extend defined by the licks and sequences that we return to again and again. You can be inspired by other players and practice their favorite sequences, but why not become inspired by the math of music instead? In this way your chances of ending up with a style that's unique and fresh is so much greater.

The Unlimited Licks program contains so many sequences that it's easy for you to find your own "signature licks" And once you master the 6 fundamental licks, you can easily create even more to choose from yourself.

1. Find truly original sequences that you can turn into your own "signature licks"
2. Get inspired by music directly instead of other musicians
3. Create a bundle of licks that no one else uses and make them your own

My favorite guitar
This is a shot of my favorite guitar loaded with a Dimarzio Chopper in the bridge position and two Dimarzio Red Velvet single coils in the middle and neck positions.

Develop your own style and never run out of licks again. Get this indispensable program today.


Over 90 pages crammed with sequences and two fast paced instructional videos
30-day Results Guaranteed

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