"Transform your soloing by mastering the king of soloing skills"

  • 6 Hours Of Video Instruction

  • 50 Unique Licks

  • 8 Training Jam Tracks

The missing lessons that you should have had


  • Learn to build solos from licks instantly

  • Split the challenge into its individual parts

  • Practice each partial skill and mastery it fast

  • Apply your skills to solo strumming loop licks

  • Experience the magic of turning a little into a lot

  • Fun and intuitive learning process

Do you struggle with transforming licks into real solos?

Do you find it hard to start and stop licks in the best way?

Does it seem impossible to end on just the right note at the right time?

Then this program is definitely for you.

It's designed specifically to put an end to your struggles of turning licks to real solos.

You will learn:

How to stay intimately connected to to the music.

How to play an entire solo using just one lick

How to take your rhythm guitar skills and turn them into soloing skills

Never lose you place in the music


  • Develop impeccable timing

  • Play perfect solos right out of the box

  • Intuitively develop your solos in a logical progression

  • Stay in complete control and know where you are

  • This skill will make you a professional

Have you ever been so immersed in your solo that you lost track completely?

Have you been so busy soloing that you were suprised the solo part was over?

This situation is a symptom and the disease is lack of what this course has to offer.

The Solo Strumming Course will teach you to:

Keep your place in the music without thinking about it for one second.

Give you the ability to play everything in the context of where you are in your solo.

Improve your connection with the beginning, middle and end.

Make it an automated process where you don't even have to think about it.

Kill this challenge completely


  • Eradicate the need to remember any licks

  • Develop the ability to just play with no thought

  • Learn intuitive on-the-spot soloing

  • Never ever, ever run out of licks or ideas

  • Simple system that anyone can use

  • For both intermediate and advanced players

Turning the soloing challenge upside down

One of the most common problems running out of ideas or licks when we solo.

But this problem arises only as a result of focusing almost exclusively on the notes.

We try to learn and remember as many combinations of notes and licks as possible.

But consciously retrieving all this material as you are soloing is almost impossible.

You need a different approach. This course is that exactly.

A three part results producing course


  • Learn two core skills and apply them

  • Learn rhythm the simplest way possible

  • Short to-the-point string muting section

  • Fifty loopable solo strumming licks

  • Section on how to practice for fast results

  • Course guaranteed for 30 days

1st Section: Advanced muting skills made easy

In the first section of the program, you will learn how to strum all 6 strings, but have only one or two strings ring out.

But the core of this section are the two simple exercises that you can use to perfect the muting techniques in this program.

2nd Section: Mastery of Rhythm

The second section will teach you how to master rhythm in the easiest way possible.

We will also give you two core exercises that will work miracles for you.

3rd Section: 50 loopable solo strumming licks

In the third section of this program, we will put everything into action.

Use the 50 awesome Solo Strumming Licks to build a complete vocabulary.

For every lick you learn your overall skills improve explosively.

The licks are built from the simple to the complex so anyone can join in.


"Transform your soloing by mastering the king of soloing skills"

  • 6 Hours Of Video Instruction

  • 50 Unique Licks

  • 8 Training Jam Tracks